My First Table at a Christmas Market – Part III

It’s the night before.

(Here’s the link to part II)

The plan was to have everything ready one week before the big day. Well, that did not quite work out as I was working through the past weekend. As a result, I had quite a few little details still to take care of yesterday. I had to make sales receipts, made some scratch pads, organised the cash box, get a calculator, buy pencils and pens, print and laminate the category price tags, and stamp the logo on paper bags. I also made an inventory of the goods.

Due to the lack of time during the past week I also did not manage to prepare a few Advent calendars for sale. At one point one just has to focus on sanity and enough sleep. After all there’s always a next time if so desired.

Tonight, all had to be wrapped and packaged. Hopefully it’s not raining tomorrow because not everything is rain proof.

There’s still one small thing to take care of. I need to write something on a sheet of paper with Francis. Since I’m selling hand typed notepads I want to make sure people get the fact that they are not just printed.

We also finally received the layout plan with the positioning of our table. Furthermore we were advised to dress warm despite being in an atrium.

At the end of the night everything was packaged and in one spot of the apartment. I felt pretty well prepared by the time I went to bed.

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