Round Two


Ornaments and Ribbons


recycled ribbons and Christmas ornaments


recycled ribbons and Christmas ornaments


These lovely gifts above were adorned with recycled ribbons and Christmas ornaments. A collection of six black & white gift tags are available for download.


Christmas gift wrapping




I always put previously used ribbons in water and afterwards iron them dry. Then nobody will be able to tell, that the ribbon has been used before.




wool, kraft wrapping paper, felt


wool, kraft wrapping paper, felt


A heartwarming wrapping idea and perfect for any winter months.


wool, kraft wrapping paper, felt


Leftover wool and kraft wrapping paper can be used all winter to wrap a present. It’s a very casual look. We kept the colour scheme in all natural tones.

Wrap the gift with brown paper. Then tie a generous amount of wool around the box and make a bow on top. Cut out a heart or any other form out of thick felt.





gift wrapping, cardboard heart, wool


gift wrapping, cardboard heart, wool


This little box is wrapped similar to the one above but has no bow. Instead it is adorned with an embellished cardboard heart.

The ornament was drawn freehand onto a light cardboard. Then they were cut out and decorated with white acrylic paint. At the end a hole was poked into them and some twine attached. They can be hung on a bare branch or used as decorations on a gift.



how to make cardboard ornaments





gift wrapping, newspaper


Newspaper is an old favorite. The best pages to use are the stock market listings because of its even looking print, or an Asian paper because of its exotic touch. Combined with a beautiful ribbon it makes for a great look. You may have to wrap the gift with some tissue paper first to protect it from the ink.


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