Inspired by Fashion

Inspired by Coco Chanel


Chanel inspired gift wrap


This little present is wrapped with a semi-gloss white paper and a wide black silk ribbon. The white silk flower really makes it! A present too pretty to open.


Chanel book


Chanel: Collections and Creations
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fashion books


Inspired by Dior




Sketch by Christian Dior



This box was wrapped with pale yellow tissue paper. Then a soft pink ribbon was tied around it attached at the bottom with double sided tape. Followed by a pale, slightly narrower, textured ribbon. The bow was cut to one 9.5″ strip and one 7.5″ strip of textured ribbon. The ribbons were looped and stapled. Both loops were placed on top of each other and stapled. A short, folded piece of pink ribbon was wrapped around both loops to cover the staple. The bow was glued onto the flat ribbon.

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