Champagne Bottle Wrapped in Cellophane


bottle wrapped in cellophane


During my time at the Hotel International in Basel I must have wrapped hundreds of bottles of champagne this way. The method looks best on a champagne bottle because of their big “bellies”. But if you have a wine bottle with a beautiful label, it looks just as fabulous.

The wine used here is a Prosecco. There are many sparkling wines available just as wonderful as the French original.


bottle wrapped in cellophane


time to drink Champagne and dance on the table



2 to 3 strong sheets of cellophane, about 36 by 24 inches



bottle wrapping instructions


Make sure the bottle has room temperature and is dry.

Place the cellophane in front of you like a portrait image. Then fold the right towards the middle about 7 inches and secure the entire length with tape. See illustration number 3.

Now you cut loops about 2 inches wide and stop about half an inch before the tape.

Place the bottle on the cellophane, secure the cellophane with tape and wrap the bottle. The loops will be facing the neck of the bottle.

All excess on the bottom will be taped together in order for the bottle to stay safe in the wrapping. Tie the ribbon around the neck.

The bottle looks like it has a collar of cellophane loops around the neck. If you prefer, you can leave it like that or you can start turning each loop twice inside out. Turn the loops very carefully because they are fragile.



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