A Yuletide Dream

Adrian Gibb


I dreamt a yule-tide dream last night
T’was a flashing fun and festive haze
Where hopes do soar and hearts take flight
With carols and presents and Christmas plays

I dreamt of a tree that was covered with glee
With baubles, red tinsel and a bright gold star
I dreamt of a red man, so chubby, so jolly
And sleigh bells which signalled he wasn’t that far

I dreamt of rows of houses, conquering the black
With blinking and twinkling bright illuminations
I saw halls oft empty, now suddenly packed
As churches echoed with sweet dedications

I saw a sleeping baby, gazed on by us all
And a destiny just so awesome, and so divine
And while we sang with gusto of decking festive halls
I dreamt that I said thank you, for his life, and for mine

I awoke from this yule-tide dream awash with a happy smile
And rejoiced in the knowledge, as you, dear reader, should too
That while many of our dreams are just unfulfilled trials
This dream, it is certain, will very soon come true!